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Recruitment, Well-Being, and Retention

We provide professional recruitment and executive search services by partnering with you to provide access to the very best candidates throughout Canada.

We provide a customized approach to each search and facilitate a partnership between both candidates and clients alike based on their needs. While focusing on the hard skills and predetermined qualifications that great companies look for in a quality candidate.

We will also screen for fit within the organization’s culture. Finding the best fit in all aspects of your business is our passion.

RecruitWELL Staffing Solutions goes a step further and provide “Motivation, Well-Being, Performance and Retention” strategies to companies so that they can empower and retain their top and essential talent.

Our Process

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We Take Recruitment, Job Satisfaction, Well-Being and Retention to a New Level!

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What Makes Us Different?

We strive for flexibility and creativity at all times focusing on each client’s individual requirements and delivering effective, tailor-made solutions

We will provide a committed and thorough service, taking nothing for granted and be rigorous in our efforts to deliver the highest quality results

We work with you to get the right people to power your business and to make your organization succeed

We Make Things Happen - Let Us Show You!

Our Consultants are adaptable and approach each recruitment assignment with Imagination and Initiative. They are also very determined

We can help your organization find the Right Talent for long-term success.

Shift Gears. Recruit WELL and change your future by attracting the Right Talent Now!

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Our Services

Our Recruitment and Executive Search team operate with the highest levels of professionalism, integrity and ethics

We strive to always exceed our clients’ expectations by adding real value to their business

Our ambition to our client’s success means we are always proactive and creative in identifying new services and markets

We are passionate about continues professional development ensuring that we apply the most reliable and effective tools and techniques for solving clients’ challenges in a consistent manner

We work closely with our clients and have a wealth of knowledge and experience

Our executive recruitment skills are second to none

RecruitWELL Staffing Solutions Offers

In-depth knowledge of the regions

In touch with the regions’ economy and industry trends

Serving Northern British Columbia and Communities throughout Canada

Junior to Executive Level searches with our National Clients

International reach and affiliates across Canada

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Our Recruitment Expertise

Executive Search

Management Search


Accounting and Finance

First Nations Organizations

Human Resources


Forestry and Construction

Sales and Marketing



Retail and Operations

We Have Successfully Recruited

We have successfully worked with diverse Industries and Organizational clients across a wide spectrum of sectors to fill the following positions:

Band Manager

School Principal

Business Administrators

Financial Manager

Registered Nurse Manager

Chief Executive Administrators

Administrative Assistant

Chief Executive Officer

Grades 1-12 Teachers

Financial Controller

Education Director

Director of Health, Wellness and Social Services

Trade Professionals and Labourers

Administrative Support Staff

Aboriginal Chief

Need Talented Professionals?

There are many benefits to working with ‘RecruitWELL Staffing Solutions to help you with your staffing concerns.

RecruitWELL Staffing Solutions can help when you are challenged with a shortage of talented and skilled professionals. Regardless of whether you are trying to hire for leaves of absence, maternity leave or hard to fill positions you need to expedite the process for a number of reasons. Recruiting can be costly. Paying the wages of a new employee is one of the obvious costs, but there are hidden costs within the process and ‘RecruitWELL Staffing Solutions’ can help you minimize those. We have great relationships with accomplished professionals who love their respective careers, and we will work with you to hire the person(s) you want that will be the best fit for your organization.

All professional candidates are screened so that you can trust we will only offer you qualified candidates who understand the parameters of the job opportunity and are eager to interview and get started. These people are accountable, responsible professionals, we have a robust, up-to-date database of people who will be more than suitable.

While you are the expert within your organization, “RecruitWELL Staffing Solutions” is an expert in staffing talented professionals in diverse industries.

There are a large number of professionals who are looking to permanently re-locate and that’s where we can help with permanent staff placements. Permanent Staff Placements are possible through “RecruitWELL Staffing Solutions” as we share your goal for permanent, long-term employment placement. We are well versed in screening and credentialing professionals for their qualifications, skill levels and experience.

For permanent placement of exceptional talented professionals, ‘RecruitWELL Staffing Solutions’ offers the following services:

Maintaining staffing levels that adequately support your current organizations products and services have become increasingly difficult. Although current statistics vary, the accepted consensus – based on estimated retirement rates, an aging population and decreased graduate levels – is that these types of staffing shortages will continue to rise well into the next decade. Temporary Staff Placements sourced through ‘RecruitWELL Staffing Solutions” are a great way to alleviate many of the pressures you may face in dealing with overworked employees and significant overtime costs. Placement of qualified, temporary professionals into your organization allows you to:

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