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Meet our Senior Recruiter Consultant

Dr. Cvenkel is a Leadership Coach, Consultant and Author. She has decades of experience as a researcher, associate professor, academic administrator, HR practitioner, organizational, labour market and employment policy experience in Canada, UK and other countries. Dr. Cvenkel has also spent more than seven years working in partnership with First Nations in British Columbia and Manitoba.

Dr. Nicole Cvenkel’s has a PhD in Human Resources Management and Organizational Behavior. Her PhD focused on employees’ reactions to HR practices, quality of working life and workplace health and well-being in the Public Sector. 

Dr. Cvenkel has been working within the new landscape, leading new and ‘best practices’ to achieve HR Solutions to Talent and Staffing Solutions, Training and Professional Development, Retention Strategies, Employee Well-Being, Engagement, and Performance. She is committed to work in partnership with you to build on past successes for talent management and sustainable growth to enhance your most important and valuable asset – PEOPLE.

Dr. Cvenkel recent book “Promoting Healthy Workplaces: Well-Being Insights for Leadership, Engagement and Productivity” will be published in March 2019. She is completing another book that will be published soon. Worker’s Voice and HRM Practices in the Public Sector: Multidimensional Well-Being at Work. Nicole regularly contributes articles and book chapters for publication in academic journals and books on HR, Talent Management, Work and Well-Being related issues. Nicole has given numerous conference talks and workshops and is passionate about connecting exceptional employers and talented professionals.

You can contact Dr. Nicole Cvenkel at:

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